Know about the different types of carpets for your home


Everyone want to keep their house neat and clean. People even want to decorate their house to look more attractive and luxurious. Carpets play an important role to enhance the rich look of your house. There are many types of carpets available based on the designs, patterns, colors and fabrics. The carpet are chosen based on the theme and colors of the room. Carpets are manufactured either from the natural or synthetic fibers. Each type of carpet has it’s own characteristics. Among the different types of carpets available, nylon carpets are most popular. The nylon carpets are resistant to wear and they are durable. The nylon carpets are not stain resistant. So, we need to be careful with the nylon carpets. And it should require a stain resistant treatment for neat and clean look. The olefin carpets are more resistant to the moisture, mildew and mold. This feature of olefin carpets will make you to use them in outdoors and at basements. The olefin carpets are tougher than the nylon carpets. But walking on nylon carpets are more comfortable than on olefin carpets. The wool carpets are considered as the premier type of carpets. Wool carpets are the only carpets made from natural fibers. It is considered as the eco friendly flooring when compared to others. Woolen carpets are more stain resistant and durable. The acrylic carpets are economical and are used as an alternative to woolen carpets. But acrylic carpets are not widely used. All types of carpets are available in many stores, online sites and also at the carpet supplier. Before you buy the carpets, you need to check the quality of the carpets.

Guide to judge the quality of a carpet:

  • The quality of the carpet will decide its usage. The more the quality of the carpet, the longer it stays without any damage. There is perfect grading that can be followed to measure the quality of the carpet.
  • So, you should be beware of the manufacturer’s claims saying that their carpets are the best. Personal identification of the carpet quality is better then depending on anything.
  • The best thing is to consider the density and weight of the carpet. The weight of the carpet indicates the quantity of the fibers present in the carpet. The higher number of fibers in the carpet will give you the best quality carpet.
  • Checking the density of the carpet is also crucial along with the weight to check the quality of the carpet. The density of the carpet can show the number of fibers present in the pile. And also determines how closely the fibers are arranged. More denser fibers in the carpets provides you the best quality carpet.


Hope you got an idea on the quality of the carpets.